For Angelina 

Does the grieving ever become less suffocating?


My best friend though. 💕

I didn’t think I’d take that negative so hard…

Had a gas station worker hit on me tonight. Well that’s new.

What my Saturday consisted of;

Woke up with Jacobi and laid in bed half the day
Smoked and then crawled back into bed
Decided to go for a ride in the beast
Got pulled over by the asshole cop that everyone hates
Got home, smoked a bit more and fell asleep.
Got woken up to go to Jeremy’s house.
(Jeremy is a guy that works at the gas station we live by.)
Got baked as fuck and watched the boys play GTA 5.
Everything else is a blur.
I have to say though it was a very satisfying day.

Got pulled over tonight and I was super high and I almost started crying.

My phone decided to restore all my messages.

Anonymous: damn your ugly.