You’re a doctor. In fact you’re an Army doctor.

Come talk?:D NashaBear15

Photography by Kevin Winter


Determined to be this thin.



Yesterday was super bright and super hot so that was nice!

This boy though… ugh … 


Happy 28th birthday Kellin Quinn Bostwick! (24th Apr 1986)

Happy birthday to the beautiful Kellin Quinn, a dedicated musician and a loving father of three, who sings the words we cannot always speak and stays true to his heart. The connection we all have with you and the rest of SWS really gives us a sense of comfort and love. Thank you for making us laugh and smile, and thank you for all your care and hard work. Best of wishes for the future and for your beautiful family! 



High as a kite && loving it. ✌️👌



Fox sleeping in a graveyard.

Makes me wonder about reincarnation

this is seriously so beautiful


Went on a walk, found a dead cat. Eerie was picking through fur for ribs and found evidence of a last meal for the cat! Little mouse jaws!

Whenever I feel sad I go and look at Welcome To Night Vale’s tweets. ♡